How ADHD affects the body


People diagnosed with ADHD often are medically regarded as overweight and in some cases obese. ADHD is often marked by compulsive eating and subsequently can result in weight gain and other problems such as heart disease and diabetes. ADHD sufferers are more likely to consume sugar rich food products which contain high levels of preservatives and additives which can worsen symptoms, causing a feedback loop where by the symptoms of ADHD instigate eating and the eating of food can increase symptoms.

Side-Effects of Medication

Many of the affects of ADHD on the body are often as a result of the use of medication to treat the disorder. Side effects of ADHD medication can cause problems including insomnia and apatite suppression. Though these are not regarded as major side effects, if there are means to reducing symptoms of ADHD in a more holistic and long term way, this may be a better option to explore before using chemicals and medications to treat the condition.

Additionally, some research has suggested there may be links between ADHD medication and some more serious health problems such as blood pressure, growth and development and cardiovascular problems. The long term implications of ADHD medication on brain systems, functions and general physical health are yet to be discovered. Despite this, drug companies may assure consumers there are no negative implications of using drugs to treat the condition.

Substance abuse

There are some schools of thought supported by relatively inconsistent evidence that the use of stimulants to treat children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can result in substance abuse later in life either in teenage years or adulthood. It has been found by some researchers that there is no link between childhood stimulant treatment and later substance abuse. This is currently under investigation and the concern predominantly lies with treating adolescents with stimulants to help aid focus and attention.

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