Changes in Brain Structure

There has been extensive investigation into the changes in the brain’s structure and function in people diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity. Neurological studies that have used brain scans have reported evidence of changes in the frontal lobe of the brain in people with ADHD. The frontal lobes are believed to be involved in inhibiting inappropriate behaviour as well as playing a primary role in decision making processes. This finding has been reported to underlie the symptoms of hyperactivity and distractibility seen in people suffering from the behavioural condition.

A word of caution should be made in reference to this explanation as an underlying cause of ADHD; much of the research that has reported brain abnormalities vary greatly between experiment, additionally, many people with the condition show their own variation from the norm. This means that what some research has found to be brain structural changes may not be as absolute as they first appear. It should also be noted that as like many other health conditions that affect the brain, behaviour or cognitive functioning; ADHD sufferers will naturally develop their own individual brain systems to undertake cognitive tasks and behavioural processes as their own way counteracting any brain abnormality they may have.