Common types of depression

Major depressive disorder

When a diagnosis of depression or clinical depression is made, it is generally referring to major depressive disorder.

Major depressive disorder is categorised as a mood disorder that is marked by a depressed mood, a complete lack of interest in previously pleasurable activities, changes in appetite, weight increases or decreases, sleep problems, overwhelming emotional states of despair, hopelessness, worthlessness and guilt, difficulty conducting psychomotor activities and keeping focus, in severe cases of major depressive disorder, thoughts of death and suicide may also plague the sufferer. A person will have suffered from these symptoms of a minimum of two weeks for a diagnosis of major depressive disorder to be made.

Post natal depression

A diagnosis of Post-Natal Depression is given when a woman is suffering from symptoms of depression within four weeks of giving birth of a child. The condition is also referred to as postpartum depression. It has been reported that men too can suffer from Paternal Post Natal Depression (PPND) marked by symptoms of irritability, helplessness, anxiety and is often accompanied with self medication of increased intake of alcohol.

Bipolar disorder

Bipolar Disorder is a clinical diagnosis that is made when a person experiences extreme symptoms of mania and depression. Bipolar Disorder was previously known as ‘Manic Depression’ it is a different condition to clinical depression and is marked by sudden switches between episodes of depression and at least one incident of mania that can include symptoms of in attention and out of character behaviour such as spending sprees, hyperactivity and promiscuity.

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