Gustavo Maya Diaz

Gustavo Maya Diaz

Area of expertise

Psychologist, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Reiki master and a specialist in I Ching

Psychologist, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Reiki master and a specialist in I Ching

Job Description

Gustavo is a therapist who specialises in personal growth, development. He is based in Malaga in Spain ,where he has formed the first school of Transpersonal Psychology.

Gustavo has travelled to many places and to learn the traditions of different worldviews in relation to the field of consciousness. His travels have provided him with an understanding of shamanism, Sufism, Hinduism, psychopharmacology all of which have been uniquely integrated in his workshops. As a result of his creativity, continuous innovation and thanks to the multitude of tools such as; bioenergetics, Holotropic breathing, kundalini yoga, psycho-emotional massage and I Ching Gustavo has seen incredible results!

Gustavo is one of a handful of experts trained to give a psycho-emotional massage which he uses as a tool to eliminate energetic blockages within the body resulting in overall improvements in health and functioning.

Gustavo is the President of the Association of Alchemy and Conscience and is a Director of Marketing. He is also co-founder of the centre con-ciencia eco-logica and the Centre for ethno-botanical research and interdisciplinary integration in Cázulas, the mountains of Granada.

Specialist area of interest

Gustavo has extensive experience leading groups of personal development, training instructors in the field of transpersonal psychology and I Ching and also individual sessions.

Gustavo is currently working in collaboration with to share his understanding of the connection between transpersonal psychology and health. His specific interests lie in addressing and working with emotional and psychological imbalances such as those apparent in chronic diseases, stress, anxiety and addiction.

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