Jagdeep Kaur

Jagdeep Kaur

Area of expertise

Holistic Therapist and Devotional Singer

Holistic Therapist and Devotional Singer

Job Description

Jagdeep is a highly skilled holistic therapist with many years of experience in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupressure Massage, Reiki, and Gong Meditation to name but a few. She has received her training from foremost doctors and physicians. She has clinical experience in London, UK and Beijing, China.

Throughout Jagdeep’s training and practice, she has developed comprehensive knowledge of physiology and pathology. In addition to her private practice in London, Jagdeep is currently involved with a Community Cancer Charity where she is providing support to members of the community who have been affected by Cancer.

Specialist area of interest

Jagdeep has a specific interest in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders such as neck pain/stiffness, sciatic pain, frozen shoulder and psychological difficulties such as anxiety, depression and insomnia. She has also successfully assisted IVF treatment through acupuncture.

Other expertise

Jagdeep Kaur

As well as being an experienced therapist, ‘soothing’, ‘soulful’, ’emotive’ and ‘uplifting’ are words used to describe the voice and Keertan (Devotional singing) style of Jagdeep Kaur.

This sought after female Keertanee blends traditional Sikh Gurbanee Keertan with contemporary trends. Jagdeep honours the beauty of traditional Raag Keertan, understanding and communicating the profound message of Gurbanee and the emotions evoked through this mode of music. She receives guidance on Keertan from the renowned Keertanee of the UK, Giani Gurdiyal Singh Rasiya.

Jagdeep has become a popular addition to Kundalini Yoga Sadhanas (morning meditations) and sang as a guest at the Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival 2011.

Through music and Keertan Jagdeep explores spirituality and its expression. She channels her knowledge and experience of holistic healing through Keertan performances. Jagdeep’s background as a holistic therapist has given her an awareness of how music can influence and heal emotions and change ones way of thinking to remove destructive patterns within their life. Her experience has given her insight into how a meditative mind can open new dimensions to one’s thinking, creating a more focused and calm mind.

Jagdeep will help you to:

  • Reconnect with your inner-self through beautiful melodious Keertan
  • Become clear and focussed through meditation and healing exercises
  • Breakthrough your barriers and stresses

Formal Qualifications

  • BSc and BM in Chinese Medicine from Middlesex University and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
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