Philip (Pip) Barlow

Davinder Singh Panesar

Area of expertise

Hypnotherapist and expert in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) communicating directly with the subconscious as the source any problem

Hypnotherapist and expert in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Job Description

Pip is a therapist who works with individuals who struggle to cope with addictions/attachments whether alcohol, drugs, troubled relationships with food or any other addiction/attachments that is causing personal turmoil or social problems.

Pip views addictions as rational behaviour of self-protection/preservation action individuals become attached to in order to help them deal with unhappiness in their lives; he understands that an addiction warrants self-compassion and the pursuit of a cure. However, his therapeutic approach deals directly with the source of the unhappiness.

The world of addiction management arguably has a ‘one size fits all approach’. Pip, prides himself on delivering individually tailored therapy that helps the whole person rather than just their symptoms or destructive behaviour.

Pip utilises a number of different therapeutic techniques including mindfulness, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming and attachment therapy.

Specialist area of interest

Pip has worked with many different people from all walks of life. He has helped people overcome drug and alcohol addictions. He has also worked with people suffering from stress depression and anxiety. He is a specialist working with individuals with eating disorders particularly anorexia.

Pip works to change an individual’s mindset and world view, helping them put their situation in perspective and gives them the tools to see for themselves how their thoughts and actions are manipulating their experience of reality. Additionally, Pip’s methods teach individuals to understand the vocabulary of painful experiences that manifests as attachment to obsolete coping strategies like depression or chemical solutions.

Pip is also able to train clients in practical spiritual/magical methods of contacting the creative force of the cosmos to enable personal change.

What is your daily practice?

Pip follows a strict vegetarian diet as he does not believe in killing animals with the intention of attaining sensory pleasure.

Pip has been and continues to study western magic and Kabbalah.

Pip has developed his own meditation techniques, largely derived from Mindfulness, from which he discovers his own understanding of existence, reality and the impermanence /permanence of the universe and non local effects of a connected conscious cosmos.

Finally, Pip has a personal Magical/NLP practice.

What do you contribute to

Pip is available for Meditation training. In particular Pip offers training in the ‘Inception Process’ and ‘Meditation on the run’ a form of active meditation. He provides a prevention-based approach to healing and encourages individuals to develop a personal practice before becoming dis-eased and seeking chemical solutions to problems.

Pip is also the specialist in addiction management, his unique, un-compromised approach has been shown to be hugely effective.


Pip is against many forms of mechanistic/medical approaches to healing and overcoming addictions, instead he enters each session with the knowledge that everyone is a divine reflection of the cosmos and has the ability to change and develop as a human being all they require is a little help building up a tool kit to reconnect with the creative force to make and embrace change.

For more information about Pip and or to arrange an appointment:

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