Yolanda Dolling

Yolanda Dolling

Area of expertise

Kinesiology and Transpersonal Psychology

Healing Facilitator and Therapist

Job Description

I work with individuals to help them bring their mind-body-energy back into balance to allow natural healing to take place, easily and efficiently.

I use health kinesiology to identify and dissolve specific stresses and energetic imbalances brought about by physical injury or dis-ease, emotional or psychological trauma and life’s challenges.

Once energetic blockages are cleared, I use cold laser therapy with scalar waves to provide the body with more neutral energy at a cellular level, to accelerate healing and transpersonal psychology to develop a new mind-body dialogue that supports healing and personal growth.

My group work focuses on sharing self-support tools and techniques for vibrant, healthy living.

Specialist area of interest

I’m focused on helping people with long-term stress and depression, especially where physical illnesses are also involved and other methods have been unsuccessful in bringing about significant relief.

Ongoing stress, leads to the body being flooded with adrenaline, cortisol and other stress hormones that reduce the effectiveness of the immune system, prevent the body from healing and diverts energy from other organs. This is the underlying cause of many serious health conditions.

I offer a holistic approach, specific to each individual and designed to get them out of the stress/depression/illness spiral gently and sustainably.

Contribution to StressManagement.co.uk

  • Content: articles, podcast, YouTube videos, newsletter material
  • Workshop sessions, webinars
  • One-to-one support in person, via telephone and skype
  • Marketing support

Formal Qualifications

  • LLB
  • MSc Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology
  • Registered Health Kinesiologist

Personal Practice

My personal practice is dedicated to welcoming every life experience whether seemingly good or bad with gratitude, savouring it fully and letting it go. I used to be very stressed and suffered stress related illnesses, such as peptic ulcer disease and migraines, but haven’t needed medication in years.

I meditate daily, laugh often, practice kundalini and iyengar yoga and use energy toning movements to keep my mind-body-energy system open to the universe, in balance and flowing. I like to walk our dogs in nature and appreciate the sunset as often as possible.

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