100 year old marathon runner advocates a stress-free life

Fauja Singh is one hundred years old and has just been named the oldest marathon runner after completing the 26 mile race in the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in Canada.

The record breaking runner has reserved himself yet another place in the Guinness World Records after finishing the marathon in 8 hours, 25 minutes. Mr Singh had already been named a record holder in the over 90’s marathon category after completing the same race in 2003 in just over five and a half hours.

Fauja Singh took up running in 2000 reportedly after the death of his wife and son. The record holder runs 10 miles every day to keep fit and healthy . As if a marathon wasn’t good enough, a couple of days after completing it, Mr Singh also took the record for a 100-year old man on a further 8 running distances ranging from the 100m to 5,000m.

Mr Singh reportedly attributes his strength and perseverance to compete the race to ginger curry, tea and positive emotions; he advocates a stress-free life, avoiding negative people and of course running!

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