2010 Predictions – Emergence of a new paradigm

The year 2009 has started to reveal the consequences when we have taken authority to be our truth rather than Truth being our authority! Here authority means our politicians, business leaders, bankers and arm chair experts.

It has become evident how the masses have been controlled and programmed through fear and illusionary “hope”. Some recent examples:-

The “green shoots of recovery” have become “a slow collapse into a depression”, fear generation through artificially created “Swine Flu” virus to “force” the masses to take the untested vaccination have consistently failed, manipulated data by academics and unprecedented levels of snow across the world has exposed the Global warming hoax propagated by the authorises nothing more than yet another way to tax the populace, the UK MP’s have mostly been exposed by the MP’s expenses scandal to be nothing more than common thieves in suits ripping off heavily tax burdened stressed workers, the mindless war in Iraq and Afghanistan are rapidly being exposed as a waste of human life and money.

Why are our political leaders so keen to keep the population distracted with Swine flu, Global warming, Green shoots of recovery etc?

What can we expect for 2010?

The world economy will continue to collapse, undeniable as countries such as Greece, Venezuela, Ireland, UK, etc start to default as Dubai has done,

The devaluation of the US dollar, impacting on Euro and UK pound, major raise in the price of metals such as Gold and Silver. Attempts to introduce a global digital currency .

Sudden power shift towards China and India as market collapse becomes more visible around January-March 2010.

Contraction and systematic collapse of governmental infrastructure and services.

Loss of trust and increase in resentment towards politicians, bankers etc, making it increasingly fearful and unsafe in public.

Further loss of “academic” credibility as more manipulation comes to light in terms of what is being presented as “Science”

Stark realisation of Climate changes across the world as a result of Astronomical changes and NOT global warming. Confirmation of “energy” from space will be recognised to be contributing to the earth changes encountered on planet.

Earth changes are likely to include the Pacific tectonic plate breaking or cracking becoming visible via increasing undersea volcanoes and earthquakes especially around the “ring of fire.”

Major food and water shortages are likely to become evident in early 2010.

Realisation that the earth is NOT the only inhabited planet, with increasing visibility of UFO’s and ET contact. This and other “ET” related events are likely to impact many of the main stream monotheistic religions and their leaders.

Real events of bizarre weather manifesting in various places, particularly with severe or extremes of snow, rain etc will force the populations to change their minds about Global warming. Extreme weather events starting around end of December 2009 into January 2010 is likely to cause major upheaval and movement of population across Asia (China) as well as America (south / north), others to follow over the next 6-7 months.

Death of the Celebrity culture as people become increasingly dis-interested in celebrities, although the main stream media will try and keep us involved through mindless broadcasting.

Paradigm change and shift of power balance from “authority” to populace start to emerge by the summer of 2010.

Change can trigger fear, anxiety and stress . 2010 appears to be a year of great changes, on physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual levels. When we face chaos there is a tendency for human consciousness to get stuck in fear, anger or resentment. The most important aspect of the changes are not where we are located but our state of consciousness. For example, two people in the same location may experience the same chaotic events, one may be paralyzed while the other realizes the events to be an opportunity for self-growth with the realization of waking up from a mass hypnosis that has gripped humanity for many years.

Those who would rather suffer and die than wake up from the mental hypnosis or dream that they are collectively dreaming, this coming year will be extremely challenging.

Meditation is critical to our physical, emotional and mental health in 2010.


Symran (by Dav Panesar)

Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)