Commuting Equals Stress

A new study published in a journal called BMC Public Health, commuters who get to work by car or public transport suffered from greater incidence of insomnia, had higher stress levels and a higher incidence of sickness and absence from work when compared to workers who walked or travelled on a bike to work.

The study which surveyed 21,000 full time Swedish workers aged 8 to 65, reported that workers with an active commute reported to have more control over their health and wellbeing more so than public transport users. It was also reported that the longer journey time for inactive travellers, the greater negative impact to health.

It should be noted, that the researchers of the study could not categorically conclude that commuting style caused poor health as there are so many other influencing factors. However with such a large sample included in the data analysis, it could be argued that a little exercise on the commute to and from work whether it is getting off the tube at an earlier stop or using the stairs rather than the lift could have a positive contribution to stress levels, ability to sleep and general wellbeing.

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