Study finds significant weight gain linked to stress

According to a survey conducted by the Mayo Clinic significantly more men who report severe stress are gaining weight than losing weight.

Men in the survey reported that financial worries were the greatest life stress. After this, family and relationship problems were a major contributor to their stress. The survey was intended to establish the impact of stress on health and wellbeing.

It was concluded that stress can cause significant weight gain and also inhibited weight loss. 45 percent of men who reported suffering from stress reported gaining a significant amount of weight in the 10 years prior to the survey while only 19 percent of men reported losing weight during the same period of time. Additionally, it has been found that stress is a contributor to back pain, hair loss, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Mindfulness meditation has been found to aid weight management. Mindfulness is a technique that teaches individuals to live in the present moment in a state of non-judgemental awareness. Mindful eating is grounded in the idea that if you are present while eating, you could potentially eat less and recognise when you are satisfied rather than mindless eating. Additionally, Mindful eating is about choosing foods that are un-refined and subsequently better for health and wellbeing.

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