People with diabetes have out of control cholesterol levels

According to an analysis by Diabetes UK, three out of five people have high levels of cholesterol and fail to reach recommended levels as set by their doctors.

Over 90 percent of people with diabetes attend annual cholesterol checks due to the increased risk of cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease associated with diabetes.

Despite the risk of diabetes related complications associated with high cholesterol levels, over 60 percent of people fail to meet the targeted reduction of cholesterol levels at their annual follow up.

High cholesterol is thought to be caused by chronic inflammation of the arteries within the body caused by stress and a diet high in fat, caffeine and processed foods. High cholesterol levels are subsequently maintained by a lack of exercise, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Diabetes UK have stressed the need to actively lower cholesterol levels by making dietary changes, exercising daily, quitting smoking and keeping alcohol intake to a minimum.

In addition, Mindfulness has been shown to significantly reduce levels of stress which helps reduce the inflammation response that occurs in the body, this subsequently improves immunity and lowers cholesterol build up.