Solent NHS Trust create app to help young people manage stress

There is a new app available, designed by Solent NHS Trust that is aimed at young people to help them manage stress.

The app allows users to create diary entries and then judge how they are feeling, tagging the entries as ‘happy’, ‘calm,’ ‘positive,’ ‘sad,’ ‘anxious,’ and ‘negative’. They can also use a slider from happy to sad to further pinpoint their feelings.

Writing down thoughts and feelings has long been a method used to help control negative feelings such as anger and sadness. It is a calming exercise where people can explain and explore their thoughts and feelings without being judged and without having to let anybody know.

But in addition to noting the unhappy times, it lets people keep a tab on happy events that can be revisited to remind them of good times.

As well as just being a diary based application, there are hints and tips available regarding ways to calm down and regain control of emotions. Some young people can find this difficult because of a lack of education on the subject, which can lead to frustration and cause more difficulties.

A lot of the time, stress treatment is focused at adults and the dangers of overworking, but children can also be affected in a similar way through school and especially by exams.

Search for “Base CAMHS” on your app store or go to the Solent Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service website to find the app.