A Mediterranean diet could be as healthy for the mind as for the body

The Mediterranean diet has once again hit headlines as it is claimed that it can help prevent stress and other associated mental disorders.

This kind of diet, rich in natural oils, nuts, fruit and fish, has been subject of much interest over the last few years.

It has been found to have a beneficial effect on the body, and helps people live longer and healthier, but now it is thought to have benefits to the mind as well.

Research has found evidence that people who eat the Mediterranean diet, and are particularly high in omega-3 found in fish, tend to be happier. They tended to report a better quality of life and are less stressed.

The diet also avoids processed foods and carbohydrates, which helps the body’s health.

The study looked at 82 adults with depression, and rated them on two different, widely used scales to get a measurement for stress anxiety and depression. This was then compared to the results from a questionnaire that charted their dietary habits.

It was found that there was a strong correlation between a lower mental health disorder score and a higher adherence to a Mediterranean diet.

Dr Natalie Parletta of the University of South Australia was the lead author on the study. She said “What we found is that poor diet is predicting the onset of depression.

“It’s not that people are getting depressed and then eating badly, eating badly causes the depression in the first place.”

The research also seems to have highlighted an overlap in the numbers of people with depression, heart disease, and a bad diet, possibly indicating a relationship between all three.

However, 82 people is not a lot in terms of concrete scientific proof. More will have to be investigated, and a mechanism discovered, to say for certain that one causes the other.

But, there is no reason to not follow the results of the study. A Mediterranean has been found to have many benefits for health, the body and quality of life.

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