A strong and stable partner reduces relationship and job stress

Research conducted by Florida State University examined the effect of spousal support on work stress and relationship harmony.

The research suggested that people in highly stressful jobs who have a supportive spouse have greater concentration levels, reported better co-worker relationships and had significantly more job satisfaction compared to their colleagues.

In addition to this, having a stable and compassionate partner was reported to be connected with relationship and home life satisfaction. Having a supportive spouse increased satisfaction levels of their marriage, less after-work fatigue was reported and there were higher levels of satisfaction and time spent with children.

The researchers of the study argued that there was a fine line between encouragement and support and unconstructive ‘support’ such as competition for most job stress which causes the opposite effects.

The research shows the importance of having a strong and considerate relationship in order that job stress and relationship problems do not get exasperated when not at work.

Mindfulness meditation is a technique that trains a person to cultivate a non-judgemental present moment awareness of both their internal being and the world around them. Research has shown that partners who both practice mindfulness have lower levels of relationship stress and greater relationship satisfaction. Combing the above research indicated that mindfulness can enhance both relationship and job satisfaction.

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