Almost 10 per cent workers on anti-depressants for stress

Almost 1 in 10 people employed are being treated with anti-depressants to deal with stress as a result of the “recession”. It is evident that the so called “recession” is in fact nothing less than a depression, and yet the MSM (main stream media) maintains its constant propaganda of “green shoots of recovery” just around the corner in line with their controllers and political masters.

Ironically, while the newly formed Government is beginning to execute its spending cuts, it does not occur to these “experts” that reduction in work related stress which is costing the UK economy £28 billion a year, can in fact be reduced to around £8 billion pa according to Mind, the mental health charity .

Prolonged stress will inevitably impact on mental and physical health, leading to anything ranging from severe depression, anxiety right through to coronary heart disease and even cancer. Yet, rather than actually reduce and eliminate stress at its root, the approach is to prescribe known powerful, addictive, toxic, mood changing chemicals in the form of anti-depressants.

Stress is a reaction to a perceived demand. Stress starts with our thoughts, which give rise to associated emotions, which feeds back to related thoughts in a seemingly endless cycle. Mindfulness meditation has been proven to reduce and eliminate stress in numerous studies. Meditation is simple to learn, non-toxic and 100% effective in eliminating stress, provided it is incorporated in everyday life.


5 Minute Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

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