Anger is making Anxiety worse

Researchers at Concordia University in Canada have reported new research findings that anger exacerbates many other mental and physical health problems. Particularly affected by anger is Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

Generalised Anxiety Disorder is the most common form of anxiety, it is characterised by excessive worry or distress and bodily tension all of which inhibits normal day to day functioning. There is not necessarily a particular cause or trigger for the anxiety, but normally people who suffer from GDA worry excessively about everyday issues including relationships, money and health.

Researchers interviewed and surveyed 380 individuals for their experience of GAD symptoms and there levels of hostility, physical and verbal aggression, anger experience, control and expression.

The individuals were tested for their anger tendencies by responding and commenting on statements such as “I boil inside, but I do not show my anger.”

The researchers found that in the 131 individuals who expressed symptoms of GAD, higher levels of anger were also reported. Moreover, the research found that individuals who internalise their anger and hostility rather than expressing it saw an increased severity of GAD symptoms.

This latest research could suggest that symptoms of anger may interfere with the treatment of anxiety; this could therefore mean that that means of treating anxiety should me more focused on talking therapies including Cognitive behavioural therapy. Mindfulness meditation has also been shown to be beneficial to individuals suffering from anxiety than medication.

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