Are you being programmed for swine flu stress

As we approach the autumn the second round of “Swine flu” is starting to make its appearance, especially the emotion arousing fear-based news. Negative emotions such as fear can be considered as useful in our natural world, for example, when threatened anger produces an urge to attack, fear the urge to escape.

A simple exercise below demonstrates how easy it is to induce an emotion simply by focusing on a particular emotion arising thought. By continuously subjecting people to the same message again and again, and from every possible “information channels”, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, schools, etc our minds are programmed to think within particular set of views. The increase in Swine flu emotion arousing propaganda marks the next round in the use of the science of fear on the general public. This coupled with the “divide and rule” tactics, for example those vaccinated and those who refuse vaccination appears to be setting an environment for control of population.

The secret of any good magician is to distract with one hand while the other works the “magic”, the same is true form what appears to be going on around us. While we are all being distracted by Swine flu, war on terror, and the “credit crisis” (aka impending depression), and other fear based tactics, there are much larger problems, for example, the relentless rape of our planets resources, the cancer of greed based consumerism, the out right violation of human and life rights, exploitation of those most needy and of course the earth changes as a result of the astrological alignments of 2012. Those who are in control of the worlds Governments, multi-nationals, authority e.g. academia, main stream media are in control of the resources including human beings through our minds.
We are now fast approaching a time to awaken to ourselves.

Knowledge is not the same as experience, we can only know something is sweet if we taste it!

Meditation allows you to STOP your thoughts and experience that you are more than your thoughts (voice in the head), emotions, body or intention and desires. We have thoughts, but we are not our thought, we have emotions, but we are our emotions, we have a body, but are not our body, for all thoughts, emotions and body changes, yet “you” remain the same, so, who are you?

Are we being “programmed” deliberately?

Video: RFID Bracelet Once You Have Had Swine Flu Vaccination.

Dangers of Molecular Nanotechnology (MNT)


Victim to Creator (by Dav Panesar)

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Symran (by Dav Panesar)

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