Are you suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

What happens to metal if you heat it one moment and then plunge it into icy water repeatedly? Answer, the metal would fracture at best, but is most likely to shatter.

We have all been witnessing the new breed of reality TV, the massacre on the streets of Mumbai, India . Every major TV channel has been beaming minute by minute account, with graphics images of blood stained floors and bullet ridden homes and cars. The sheer sense of shock, disbelief as it dawns on us that this is taking place in a city like any other modern city, this can happen to me! These feelings are replaced with anger, perhaps distraction, keeping away from the News, fear and anxiety.

Last Month we were all living through the sheer optimism at Baraka Obama’s victory in the USA, feelings and emotional energy from celebrations across the globe were beamed into homes and computers.

Obama’s victory followed the economic collapse that shook the world in September, with banks and countries falling ever since.

Just as the metal subjected to heat and cold will crack, the human mind too is vulnerable when exposed to high levels of psychological stress . Our increased anxiety, fear, anger and craving for relief are the symptoms of stress on all of us, including our children. The collective mindset of fearful and anxious individual creates a collective energy that impact upon all, even those who are avoiding News and trying to distract themselves.

It is important that we safeguard our self against Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and help others as the crisis across the world and in our own back yard escalates.

Meditation is the most effective method of dealing with Stress and PTSD . Its free, simple and non-toxic.


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

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