Bosses over worked, stressed and depressed

The average manager is working up to an hour and a half unpaid overtime daily, equating up to 9 weeks a year. People in managerial positions are suffering from stress, depression, insomnia and are subsequently having marital problems, suffering from workplace stress and illness.

A study has been conducted by the Chartered Management Institute. 1,334 company managers and directors completed questionnaires asking them about their hours of work, stress levels, symptoms of anxiety and depression and the amount of holiday or sick leave they take on average each year.

It was reported that as many as 20 percent of managers questioned had suffered from health problems including symptoms of stress, depression, digestive upsets and respiratory problems.

61 percent of the individuals questioned reported feeling constantly tired, with six out of ten managers reporting suffering from insomnia. Just fewer than 50 percent of those questioned also said they had either experienced a completely reduced appetite or eating significantly more than normal. Finally 45 percent of the sample said they had experienced memory problems and had difficulty maintaining concentration during the day.

The researchers also used the study to collect qualitative data in order to establish possible causes for questionnaire responses.

It was reported that as many as one in three managers said they would resign from their current positions should another job become available. It was also reported that nearly half of managers questioned would refuse sick leave through fear of losing their jobs.

Due to the economic state of affairs currently in the UK it would be incongruous to suggest time off work. However, there are other measures one could take to help minimise the impact of stress, anxiety and depression on their health. Mindfulness is a technique that teaches individuals to become aware of the present moment in a non-judgemental way. Bi-products of mindfulness have included greater mood control, improved health and wellbeing, significantly reduced stress levels and enhanced quality of life.

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