Buying a house is a stressful job

According to the results of an online survey, the stress caused by buying a new house can age people on average by two years and in exceptionally stressed individuals by up to four years.

The survey completed online by the moving specialists ‘In-Deed’ questioned home owners who had moved house in the three months prior to the survey.

It was reported that the stress of moving house has a number of reoccurring symptoms including 14 percent of people questioned reported short-term memory problems, 10 percent reported hair loss and 19 percent of those surveyed said that the stress of moving significant reduced their sex drive.

According to the survey, around 38 percent of the concern and anxiety about moving arises from financial stress and particularly worries about mortgage approvals.

There are a number of measures that could be taken to aid the moving process that can help keep stress levels under control. Having appropriate coping strategies such as including a ten minute mindfulness meditation practice into day-to-day routine or practicing yoga or tai chi exercises. Alternatively, having holistic or aromatherapy massages can assist relaxation, aid sleep and reverse or relieve some of the symptoms of stress.

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