Cannabis Safety and Authority as Truth or Truth as Authority

Which Government (authority) forsakes scientific evidence simply to enforce its own views on its population? When we are conditioned into believing authority to be our truth, rather than truth being our authority, we can all see the dangers of the current paradigm.

If one was to consider the evidence before us, it makes one ask the following question – Is the UK government deliberately trying to mislead their citizens with false information engendering habits that are responsible for millions of deaths, clogging up the NHS, recognised catalyst for almost all cases of domestic violence and the weekend carnage most UK hospitals are familiar with thanks to the abundance of cheap alcohol by prompting the most dangerous drugs namely alcohol and tobacco as safe, compared to relatively harmless naturally vegetative drug such as cannabis?

An eminent authority of drugs, Prof Nutt the Chairman of the UK Governments Drugs Advisory Panel was sacked last Friday after using his lecture to state the truth about cannabis based on scientific evidence, stating that it was less harmful than alcohol and tobacco. He also said it was upgraded to Class B – against the council’s advice.

Even David Cameron revealed his party’s complicity by not listening to the scientific advice provided by the world’s most eminent scientists, health professionals and law enforcement agencies, but endorses the Governments policy based on politically motivated agendas, rather than the evidence before the world.

The events unfolding before us are rather alarming, how much can you trust the Politicians? Especially in the face of the “harmless” Swine flu vaccination which again has been identified as being unsafe by the majority of scientific studies so far.

When we are faced with any form of threat, our body responds with a familiar “flight or fight” syndrome. A natural mechanism when we are stressed externally or internally (mentally or emotionally). Meditation is the most effective method of dealing with stress, its easy to learn and harmless.


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