Certain foods could help relieve stress

Eating certain foods could help alleviate stress and fatigue, according to one expert.

Dr Cho Ae-kyung said in an article for the Korea Times that there is a growing interest in certain healing foods which could combat what has become a significant feature of modern day life.

Dr Ae-kyung runs the We Clinic in southern Seoul, which is dedicated to health and beauty, and is certified by the Korean Vegetable Sommelier Association for her knowledge of fruit and vegetables.

She highlighted garlic as one such food, as it contains a chemical called allicin which invigorates the body and settles the nerves. It also contains vitamin B which which helps to fight fatigue.

Tomatoes are also rich in both vitamin B and C, and the latter energises the body and relieves fatigue caused by stress. The antioxidant in tomatoes – lycopene – neutralises stress hormones which enables the body condition to stabilise. Eating processed forms of the fruit such as tomato paste and cooked tomatoes is better for the body as it increases the concentration of lycopene.

Spicy food such as chilies helps to eliminate chronic fatigue by aiding the intestines, and it boost endorphin secretion which are considered natural pain relievers.

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