Child stomach complaints linked to anxiety later in life

According to new research, children who suffer from abdominal pain are five times more likely to suffer from anxiety by the time they are 21 years of age.

The research has reported that children who experienced functional abdominal pain (FAP) up to the age of 10 are 51.5 percent more likely to experience symptoms of anxiety and depression later in life. Additionally, there is a 57 percent increased chance of suffering from migraine headaches and a 21.2 percent heightened chance of suffering from constipation compared to healthy control subjects.

The results were reported at the 32nd Annual Conference for the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, it was suggested that treating anxiety in adults subsequently reduced both gastrointestinal and psychiatric symptoms .

The Solar Plexus is the third chakra located at the bottom of the rib cage above the naval. This is the chakra believed to store impressions of our experiences and is directly linked to the functioning of the stomach, digestive system, pancreas, liver gallbladder and the nervous system.

It is also the energy point that stores impressions of early experiences and subsequently can influence self-belief, self-acceptance and inner strength. It is this chakra that is referred to as the source of physical sensations to do with nervousness, fear and anxiety such as the feeling of ‘butterflies’.

Therapies such as acupuncture, acupressure and kundalini yoga that can help remove blockages around this energy point. In doing so, people may experiences the easing of physical symptoms including ulcers, digestive problems or liver and pancreas complaints but they could also experience reduced feelings of fear, anxiety, nervousness and anger.

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