Childhood abuse and rape more likely to cause lasting PTSD

Many of the studies that have investigated post traumatic stress disorder have examined the factors that influence the risk of being diagnosed with PTSD . A recent study conducted at Florida State University in one of the first examinations of the factors that determine recovery of PTSD symptoms .

The two year long research project examined the symptoms of PTSD experienced by women and their subsequent ability to overcome the devastating disorder.

The researchers reported that those women who suffered from PTSD after being subjected to traumatic events including rape or severe childhood physical abuse were significantly more likely to suffer from chronic symptoms of PTSD.

In addition, it was concluded that women who suffered from re-experiencing symptoms including flashbacks of the trauma and nightmares particularly with multiple senses experiences were at a higher risk of suffering from persistent and long term PTSD.

The authors of the study which is to be published in the journal ‘Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice and Policy’ argue that establishing which factors influence the susceptibility to suffer from chronic PTSD and determine its persistence can highlight the people most in need of assistance and treatment after experiencing a traumatic event.

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