Children as young as 5 showing signs of violent mental illness

When children as young as 5 are found to become increasingly violent against each other and their teachers, is it time to ask a few fundamental questions?

1. Why are children as young as 5 showing signs of mental instability and illness?

2. What sort of society knowingly “trains and conditions” its young to become insensitive, violent thugs through its war based video games ?

3. If our children are displaying such violent tendencies at the age of 5, what are the expectations for our future society?

A recent study has found that primary school children are become increasing more violent especially in kicking and punching. Almost 20% of the teachers interviewed confirmed that they’d been attacked, resulting in 25% of teachers suffering from work-related stress illnesses.

75% of the 1000 teachers interviewed experienced young children having become more violent, making its near impossible to teach such children.

Teachers are in an impossible role where their hands are tied, they are unable to discipline and are in fact left carrying the remains of an increasingly dysfunctional (“civilized”) Western society. Is it any wonder cultures around the world are so opposed to the enforced “civilising” of “primitive” cultures which propagate respect for their fellow human beings, nature, elders, teachers and custodians of wisdom?

Teachers are drowning under the stress of legislation, paperwork and now teaching children who have been brainwashed by their constant addiction to violent video games, yet, the government and the “scientists” are in complete denial of the harm being done to the most vulnerable in our society.

Despite the volume of research clearly demonstrating that meditation is not just profoundly effective to deal with stress, but also shown to greatly improve emotional and mental health of children, it is yet to be introduced or promoted as an essential part of well-being and mental health. has recognised this problem and at the request of numerous individuals, young people, professional including teachers have developed simple audio guided meditation.


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

Meditation for Children (by Dav Panesar)

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