Collective Consciousness and Subjective Awakening I

Over the past few months there are some strange events that have made it through to the masses despite the censorship of our news and information. For example, the collective UFO experience during the recent eclipse that was filmed in China, Plum mountain, the “sudden” dust storm that has covered parts of Australia, the sudden spike in cases of apparent “suicides” amongst those involved in the financial sector, (a quick search on google with the terms financial + suicides) to mention but a few.

Collective consciousness is when the group exists as a single being, or experience, and there appears to be two distinct collective consciousness paradigms that are manifesting as reality, namely, the smart collective consciousness and the not-smart collective consciousness. The former having a greater chance of survival with an increasing sense of universal compassion.

When the group collective consciousness phenomena is coupled with people around the world are starting to experience time shift as well as time distortion, most likely to be associated with people who share a collective consciousness based on the experience of alien abductions and appears to be spreading across to others and is reported to leave the individual having this experience a visibly, educative and profoundly healing effects

The collective consciousness of such activities underway show every chance of encompassing others, threatening the current paradigm of those that hold the world to be a planet in a materially mechanistic Universe and those who identify themselves only at their superficial level, e.g by profession, status, wealth and fame are most at risk to suffer post traumatic stress as a result of the sudden and violent challenge to their primitive beliefs. Of course, there will be much denial by the authorities in order to maintain the status-quo, but we need to ask who should be believe as truth, what we or those around us are experiencing of reality, i.e. our subjective experience or what we are told of be “reality”?


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

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