Collective Consciousness and Subjective Awakening II

Examples of collective consciousness is also starting to manifest in other areas:-

Awareness of the coming food shortages is compelling many to start making preparation for self-sustaining and growing own food.

Awareness that is starting to question the main stream media and its “news” , a change in who we trust.

Awareness that Swine Flu is a manufactured disease and its vaccination is equally as deadly as the disease, especially when one realises that most of these vaccinations have had little or no clinical trails.

Awareness that the “green shoots” are nothing more than empty words that are doing a rather poor job of distracting us from what is actually going on with this terminally ill economy.

Awareness of an unnecessary conflict being staged-managed right before our eyes, between Iran and Israel through information manipulation by the main stream media

Awareness of both subjective and group-stress is becoming more prevalent leading to “strange” behaviour and actions.

If we see everything not as physical objects but as energetic systems, we will discover it is easy to transfer energy from one system to another, e.g heat water, heat transferred into water. Our consciousness can also be influenced by other systems, in this case, thoughts.

It is for this reason meditation is critical for this time period and certainly the near future. Meditation enables us to become aware of our thoughts and emotions, this provides the meditator with the power to either “run” with a thought, choose to believe it to be true or simply recognise the thought as a thought and allow it to dissipate.

Meditation is essential to ensure that our individual consciousness is not “infected” with a stronger thought or “mental-viruses”


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

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