Coping with Stress During Exam Season

For a lot of students, exam season is fast looming. This time often brings a lot of stress and anxiety. Mainly, this is due to the pressure of what’s at stake with these exams. Passing is imperative to get through school and onto the appropriate, college, university and internship courses. Furthermore, the grades that are achieved during all levels of education will inform future employers and help students to achieve their ambitions. With that in mind, it us understandable as to why students get stressed during their exams.

Mental health issues like anxiety and stress affect different people in different ways and no experience is the same. For some students, such issues may happen mainly during exam season and for others it’s a daily occurrence.

It’s Always Good to Talk to Someone

Although there is significant mental health awareness, people who are suffering find it hard to seek help. These problems can end up being trivialised because they can’t be seen or properly understood. When emotions are downplayed so often, it can stop people from talking about their problems which can be dangerous for their overall health – both mental and physical.

Seeking the advice of professionals or simply talking to someone is highly recommended in any instance. Nevertheless, here are some tips to help deal with feelings of stress and anxiety for those who don’t feel comfortable talking to someone.

How to Cope During Exam Season

  1. If you are dealing with mental health issues you are not the only one. There is always someone who is dealing with their own problems and support can be found, even if you’re feeling alone. It can be hard to confide in family and friends but there are a variety of services available to help. Most universities have mental health support that is accessible. Student Access to Mental Health Support (SAMHS) is also an option and helplines like the Samaritans are readily available at any time to call . Speaking to your GP can lead to the most appropriate help. If you have a personal tutor, utilise them because it is their job to help with your well-being.
  2. During the hectic period of exam season, it can be easy to get caught up and forget to leave time for yourself. Taking a break can help your mental health and benefit you overall. This can be anything from meeting friends, going on a walk, watching TV or completing one of your hobbies. Removing yourself from stressful situations to refresh you will help.
  3. Exercise can be greatly beneficial for mental health. This may be a point that is often repeated, that’s because it’s effective. During exam season, students will often be in lectures or stuck in one space whilst they study and complete assignments. As a result, it is important to get out and move. It may be the last thing you want to do but it will help.
  4. Don’t assign work based goals that can’t be met. For example, achieving 500 words for an essay within a day is much more attainable than 1,000 words. Being unable to meet your goals will lead to a negative reaction whereas meeting smaller goals will create a sense of accomplishment.



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