Cumbria Massacre the alarming sign of things to come from mental breakdown

The tragic case of Derrick Bird highlights the incredibly dire risks of mental breakdowns, especially when individuals are placed under stress, such as that from uncompassionate and ruthless tax inspectors.

The increasing number of “ordinary” people breaking down over the past few months is indicating there may be more to this pattern of behaviour than is obvious or what is being reported by Main stream media.

If we take a troop of monkeys, enclose them in a confined space and irradiate them with radiation, it will not take much time before the monkeys start to display erratic behaviour. The same is unfortunately true for the human race on earth as it is being irradiated with streams of particles that are very much connected with the earths’ position as our solar system and the galaxy in which it resides comes towards an end of its 11600 year or so cycle and are experiencing changes in gravitational and electromagnetic radiation.

This exposure to radiation from space is evident in its impact on earth, especially as we consider the increase in earthquakes, volcanic activity, plant growth and now animal behaviour. Exposing those individual who are already under stress from the impact of work pressure, economic uncertainty and unhealthy food are more likely to display erratic behaviour and over reaction to stimuli and stress, as so tragically played out in Cumbria .

Meditation is an essential skill to have during these turbulent and uncertain times. As stress levels increase even more due to the deterioration of the economy, mass unemployment, food shortages and hyper inflation of food prices ability to maintain self-control and awareness will become an indispensible skill.


5 Minutes Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

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