Diet drinks could increase risk of depression

According to a new large scale research study there is a link between depression and the regular consumption of artificially sweetened beverages.

The American research recruited 250,000 individuals aged 50 to 80 years old to question them on their consumption of so called diet drinks and incidence of depression. The researchers monitored diet and mental health over a period of ten years.

It was found that people who consumed four or more cans or glasses of fizzy drinks and artificially sweetened juices were up 30 percent more likely to suffer from depression.

Conversely, individuals who drunk four cups of unsweetened coffee were ten percent less likely to be diagnosed with depression or suffer from symptoms.

The lead researchers suggested that by cutting out artificially sweetened drinks and replacing it with unsweetened coffee the risk of depression could be reduced.

The exact cause of the link remains unknown. Representatives from the British Dietetic Association have reportedly commented on the research that it is a one off piece of research and doesn’t mean that sweeteners cause depression.

Further research needs to be undertaken to explore the link between diet drinks and artificially sweetened products and the incidence of depression.

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