Dissolving fear and anger in Children, developing self-esteem.

Following the recent increase and publicity surrounding knife crimes, especially youth related knife crimes, the UK Government and our “experts” have devised a range of solutions. These include from the Governments idea of knife users to confront the consequences of their actions in A&E units around the countries hospitals, more education, intervention in families and heavy custodial sentences for anyone found with such dangerous weapons.

Yet this frenzy of activity does little to actually address the real problem, how do you get the violence and anger that has been conditioned in our children through media, computer games and general social condition?

How do we transform the anger in our children?

How do we enable children to feel safe?

How do we enable young people to recognise their own self-worth ?

The half-baked schemes to tackle youth knife crime will not deal with the real issue; it is a kin to fixing a dam leak with a sticky plaster. It is simply not going to work.

It is not the knives that kill, but the people who feel compelled to use them!

Consider what our children are going through. Most of the UK public is now under additional stress thanks to the credit crunch, rising fuel prices, rising food prices, increased feelings of insecurity, in addition to all the other social pressures.

No wonder so many have come to believe that feeling stressed or tense is “normal.” Life is also speeding up, consider how much the children have to deal with, there’s so much to keep up with, especially when the ambition of most young people is to become a celebrity, be it footballer, rap artist, model etc.

There is one sure method to help young people develop self-worth and transform their anger and fear through meditation, such as mindfulness .


Meditation for Children (by Dav Panesar)

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