Do celebrities suffer from greater levels of stress than Joe Bloggs

It is readily accepted that negative life events cause stress, substance abuse, anxiety and depression. However, if those negative life events were reported in the media and everyone and anyone could read about your problems, would it increase one’s stress levels, would it adjust how one might cope with that pressure?

The social readjustment scale is a notorious list of 43 life changing events that could cause stress and other mental illnesses that arises as a result of stress such as high blood pressure and stress related skin conditions. According to the scale divorce is the second highest stress instigating life event that a person can go through.

If there is a chance of someone suffering from chronic stress, developing disorders such as social anxiety and depression as a result of divorce could these emotions be intensified as a result of being famous.

Today, Demi Moore is reportedly in hospital after suffering seizures as a result of substance abuse. Following her filing for divorce from former husband of 6 years Ashton Kutcher in November, there have been reports of her suffering from extreme exhaustion and chronic stress is part of this due to the publicity of her suffering and would the aftermath of a divorce be less stressful if she were not famous?

Possibly or possibly not, there are a number of techniques and coping mechanisms that can be adapted to aid health and wellbeing such as Kundalini yoga and Mindfulness.

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