Elections reveal mind control

As the UK prepares for its general election most people would be forgiven to question if they are being asked by those very politicians who less than 12 months ago were caught with their hands in the till fleecing the electorate, to vote for them, as they are now reformed!

If that wasn’t enough, the recent revelations of MP’s being bribed by corporations to change UK laws seems all to have been forgotten and promises of good times, working for the electorate and prosperity for all have dominated almost every radio, TV, newspaper and internet sites.

The politicians’ use of highly emotionally charged language against each other’s party provides an excellent example of distortion and the illusion of choice. Most people in the UK have now woken up to the fact that life is never going back to the heady days of spend, spend, and spend. The country is teetering on the edge of a depression, with rising unemployment, contracting services and taxes, feeding back into even more severe impact on our lives and services.

The propaganda machine of Main Stream Media is overwhelming every home, car and billboard with “messages” to ensure that your thoughts are all manipulated towards the needs of the politicians, as opposed to having time to consider the ever increasing concerns and stresses as a result of the devastating economic and climatic changes underway. The impact of this artificial illusion is likely to dawn after the elections as increased levels of stress and anxiety .

Meditation provides us an opportunity to “see” how our minds have been programmed by thoughts which have been reinforced again and again through careful NLP type propaganda. If you are not in control of your mind, then who is?


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

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