Electronic gadgets could be linked to stress for children

The surge in new electronic and technological gadgets could be responsible for higher stress levels in children, according to a psychotherapist.

Mary Jo Rapini – a psychotherapist who specialises in intimacy, sex and relationships – said in an interview with Fox Houston that, according to statistics, 53 hours per week of a child’s life is spent interacting with some sort of screen media.

She also claimed children are sleeping less and are involved in fewer family activities, with such lifestyle choices potentially leading to increased stress among this age group.

“An overload of information or inability to manage the information leads to anxiety, depression and stress in our children and the evidence is everywhere,” she said.

She offered many tips on how to effectively manage and reduce stress for both parents and children. If parents were to take just ten minutes each day to exercise, this could minimise stress and anxiety and set a good example to their youngsters as to how to live a healthy life.

Parents were also advised to talk regularly with their children about what could be causing their stress and to encourage a routine, as consistency and structure can help to lower such anxiety and worries.

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