Emergency Budget stress

Tomorrow the coalition government will announce its “emergency budget” to address the uncontrollable Government deficit and has urged ordinary hard working individuals to be prepared for “pain” and austerity.

Behind the veiled words, it’s apparent that the UK, like Greece, Spain, Ireland and Italy is in fact heading towards an economic collapse, however, with the planned budgetary cuts, it’s obvious that the real impact of the budget will be carried by the ordinary public while the politicians, bankers and corporate gangsters continue with their agenda of maintaining power, maximising profit and ensuring that hard working people bailout the countries after having bailed out the banks last year.

The sad fact is this budget will inevitably increase the stress on families and those in employment. Combined with increasing unemployment, changing weather patterns and a collapsing Euro, this summer is set to become a truly anxious, stressful and unsettled time for most of us.

Stress gives rise to a wide range of symptoms including behavioural, emotional, mental and physiological. Stress causes many illnesses, including depression, high blood pressure and even cancers .

The most effective method of overcoming stress is through mindfulness. Mindfulness is cultivating an awareness of the present as it is, without judgement or trying to change the moment of now.

Mindfulness meditation helps us begin to recognise that we are not our thoughts and that our minds have a mind of their own! Mindfulness uses the breath as an anchor to focus upon. Our breath is the bridge that connects our minds to our body.

“Mindfulness is a highly effective technique and has been shown to improve health, eliminate stress and depression” said Dav Panesar, researcher in meditation and health.


Exercise to recognise your mind has a mind of its own!

Holding your attention (by Dav Panesar)

5 minutes mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

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