Exercise makes stressed workers less productive

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, despite contrary opinion, highly stressed workers who exercise are less productive compared to workers who exercise when they are less stressed.

The study used a cross-section analysis of 2,823 adults to establish the correlation between productivity and stress. The participants were surveyed on levels of stress, productivity and a number of lifestyle factors including levels of physical activity.

The results of the study concluded that adults who had high physical activity levels but low stress had an average of 2 percent productivity loss. Comparably, highly active participants, who were highly stressed, had on average 11 percent reduced activity.

The researchers of this study have reportedly suggested that the results could indicate that highly stressed workers exercise more and work less in an attempt to reduce stress. This conclusion doesn’t bode well for the employers or employees, possibly highlighting that exercising is merely a way of having to avoid coping with stress rather than actually dealing with it.

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