Facebook the source of anxiety and stress

New findings collated by University of Edinburgh Business School have reported that more online friendship groups an individual has, the more chance of social media becoming a significant source of stress and anxiety.

The research highlights that the change from Facebook being a meeting ground for people wanting to share photos and messages with friends to having everyone and anyone including parents, work colleagues and potential employers seeing profiles and details of extracurricular activities.

The cause of stress with growing numbers of friendship group affiliations means that different versions of an individual that may be acceptable to one group may be conflicting with the morals of another.

Added stress has reportedly arisen with the growing number of older individuals signing up. The research found that older users have extremely different values and world views in comparison to younger users. This is becoming a source of anxiety as the fear that people will get the wrong impression if they see a status or photographs in keeping with differing social groups.

Research has shown that people are now consciously presenting diluted versions of themselves in an attempt to please all of their friendship groups and people that may be searching for them online.

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