Fear, False Experiences Appearing Real – Time to wake up!

As banks around the developed countries, such as USA, Europe and UK start to collapse, fear is gripping the trading floors, politicians and now ordinary people concerned how they will manage their affairs, meet mortgage payments and the rising cost of living.

Fear, like anger is a response to a threat, unlike anger, which is an active explosion, whereas fear, is an inner contraction. Both fear and anger are linked, and therefore reducing one will impact the other.

During stressful situations we are all faced with the flight and fright syndrome, a natural process brought about when we feel threatened.

We all have a right to feel anger at the greed of bankers and politicians that has brought hard working people to a state of despair, where pensions, investments, savings and assets are all threatened.

Unlike anger, most people devote enormous time and energy in avoiding fear. Have you considered what it would be like to actual consciously explore fear and see what can be learned from it? Experience shows this exercise is not as painful as we may assume and is of great value to our understanding of ourselves.

Below is a specific exercise designed to help you overcome irrational fears and other painful emotions. Psychologist now have re-discovered a well-tested spiritual truth, awareness heals, as Buddha taught it. By simply becoming aware of our undesirable emotions our minds have a way of healing itself.


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

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