Female bosses stressed and angry

According to a new study conducted by the British Association of Anger Management, female bosses are angry, stressed and in some cases are regarded as bullies by their subordinates.

Women have worked long and hard to get to the top of the employment ladder, competing with their male counterparts to make it to the management positions of organisations and companies. Despite the efforts to attain high powered positions, it has been reported that some female bosses are respond to the stress of the jobs with irritation and re-direct their pressures to employees and co-workers.

The survey reported that 20 percent of female bosses reported being verbally aggressive at work. Additionally, the survey concluded that 10 percent of female executives that took part in the survey reported that they often blame and fault their colleagues when things go wrong.

The amount of stress high powered jobs entail was believed to be the force behind the change in behaviour and psychological wellbeing. 90 percent of the female bosses questioned reported a significant rise in stress with 60 percent of the arguing that substandard management increased stress and anxiety.

Adequate stress management for both male and female bosses alike is required to improve quality of work life and job satisfaction in both bosses and their subordinates. Practices such as office yoga, particularly kundalini yoga have been shown to produce astounding effects at reducing stress at work, increasing productivity and creating a more relaxed stress free work environment.

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