Fox stress is yet another attempt to instil fear

The recent reports of a fox attacking two young children while they slept are not just unusual but sounds like a plot from a bad B movie. However, what is far more alarming is the how the propaganda press have started to call for fox extermination across UK cities, using emotive language such as foxes “mauled” twins, urban foxes “dangerous” to children, children as “risk” from urban foxes and so forth.

Why is there such a need to create fear in people living in cities?

The answer could lie in the current state of affairs including the economic collapse which is now well underway, the disintegration of the Eurozone and the Euro, the uncontrollable poisoning of the world Oceans by BP, the obvious earth and climate changes all of which will impact food production and availability, not to mention the mass unemployment and civil unrest.

The foxes are yet another poor attempt at creating a distraction through the use of “immediate” danger in your own back garden and even your bedrooms. A similar tactic as the swine flu pandemic which now turns out to be issued by the very people who worked for the pharmaceutical companies as well as advisors to WHO and the UK Government!

By inducing fear it is an effective method to control, plus it creates a distraction from the world that is falling apart before our very eyes.

Fear is always future directed and created by an assumption of danger and threat to oneself or another, but yet to happen! Fear = False Experiences Appearing Real. Meditation provides a very effective method to overcome fear and stress .

Many people suffering from anxiety and fear have been helped with simply learning to break the “future directed thought pattern” by becoming aware on present moment, through the focus on awareness on their breath.


Victim to creator (by Dav Panesar)

5 Minutes Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

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