Free help for as stress levels increase due to the economic downturn

Stress is on the increase as fuel prices and food prices rise, fixed mortgage rates come to an end and disposable income, which can contribute towards holidays, entertainment and other activities to reduce stress, is consumed by the spiralling costs.

As stress increases on adults, children, spouses and even pets feel its impact. Stress decreases tolerance and patience, gives rise to anger, fear, anxiety, which in turn impact ones physical health . Stress also tends to lead into greater use of alcohol and other substances of abuse, creating addition complication and impacting upon the health of individuals.

Couple this with the looming recession and most likely a depression; it is understandable why stress is set to increase exponentially.

In the face of reduced incomes and increasing stress levels, finding an effective method of dealing with stress is a priority for all. offer the one of the most effective method of stress, anxiety and anger reduction. At, we understand the pressures on individuals and have therefore created a whole range of effective, non-toxic, portable and simple tools to help you manage your stress, reduce anxieties, address issues concerning anger or fear, and all these tools are free.

Stress Management through mindfulness or Symran (sound meditation) has been demonstrated to effectively deal with stress in over 600 scientific research studies over the past decade. We recommend that the individuals learn the simple mindfulness technique, practice at least once a day, ideally twice, before breakfast and at night for at 10 minutes, ideally 20 minutes if time allows.

Free meditation


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

To relax your body (by Dav Panesar)

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