Getting ready to be robbed blind! Its later than you think

It is increasingly becoming evident how the mass media has managed to condition the general population into a docile state of mind, which is ensuring that the UK, USA and the world simply walk into the nightmare scenario of hard financial struggles for every family, curbed individual freedoms and loss of individual human dignity as we are all led into the 21st century style slavery, controlled through the ID card system.

Are you not astounded that while you struggle to pay for your mortgage, food and fuel, those who have brought the world to this nightmare situation are all being rewarded or bailed out by YOU?

The mass media at the behest of their masters all feed us the same tactics used against “fighting terrorism”. The use of psychological language to instil fear into people so we all agree blindly to support the shambolic state our (unelected) leaders have brought us to.

Some simple facts, the politicians, both the UK Blair and Brown governments, and the USA Bush administration are led by unelected leaders.

These unelected leaders are hell bent on imposing their version of “democracy” and “democratic capitalism” around the world.

Elections have become no more than mere illusions to con the general public into thinking they have a say. Consider your situation today, what can you actually do? You are effectively powerless before your masters, those you elected!

Those who have brought you to financial hardship, driven by relentless greed having made and continue to make billions while you risk losing your home and job, not to mention that YOU are now bailing them out of their mistakes!

Have you noticed how the mass media is silent at defending you! Could it be because the mass media is controlled by the same individuals and groups who have got you into this nightmare?

However, without breaking free from the mental slavery it is almost impossible to oppose our unelecetd politicians walking us into Armageddon.

We can now understand why the mainstream has been so keen to dismiss or ridicule practices such as meditation and self-realisation practices. It would have woken people up to their brainwashing.


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

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