Gordon Brown under Stress

There are report abound that the UK prime minister, Gordon Brown is on anti-depressant prescription drugs for stress according to some newspapers and online blogs.

Of course, Gordon Brown like every other human being is subject to the flight or fight syndrome. When an animal and human beings find them selves in any form of danger, the fight or fight syndrome takes place as a result of the perceived stress, in this case, its from an external danger.

Stress is normally as a result of an external perceived stressor. Its the reaction to an external demand. In the case of Gordon Brown there are a number of external demands, some of which include:-

1. Being the most unpopular Prime Minister in history

2. Having got into the position of the Prime Minister without an election does not provide him with the confidence of having support

3. The fast disappearing “shoots of recovery” is starting to make most of the Government propaganda meaningless and again under mines the authority

4. The escalating situation between Israel who by proxy are using the UK, USA and France to pressure Iran which will most likely lead the world into a very serious conflict or near conflict over the next few months

5. The unceasing losses of young lives in Afghanistan over a nonsensical conflict as more parents wake up to the stupidity of this war

6. The inevitable second economic crash this autumn leaves the developed world with little alternative but to create a new war to stimulate the economy

No one is exempt from experiencing stress, the use of anti-depressants are perhaps the most dangerous method of “treating” stress, and replacing it with an internal chemical imbalance, likelihood to addiction and of course, sedating an individual enough so as not to notice the stress they experience.

Meditation is the only non-toxic, immediate, portable and effective method of stress reduction. However, since meditation is free and not in the control of bankers and pharmco its unlikely to be promoted, after all, how do you make a profit from another’s illness if there they can cure themselves?


Symran (by Dav Panesar)

Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

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