Guess who will pay for the billions pumped in to save the banking system?

The events of this month have left no-one in any doubt the crisis the world financial and economic system is facing and its probable demise in the not to distance future. Yet, when one investigates who are to blame for this global crisis, the answer is the banks incentive systems also called bonuses for its employees.

Millions of people who were unable to pay back funds were given large loans and mortgages ; these were subsequently “packaged” into investment products and sold around the world. What this means is as the bad debt come to light, the bankers and investors who created and sold these products are long gone with their multi million pound bonuses, yachts and mansion, while the likes of ordinary hard working individuals are left carrying the can. The billions being placed into this financial bailout black hole will have to be paid by extra taxes . We are now entering an economic system, where you earn £100 and have to pay back £150 with hidden taxes, increased fuel and food prices.

This increased stress which has nothing to do with everyday people, but solely created from the insatiable greed of bankers and money men will inevitably impact almost every one, leading to additional risk to physical, emotional and psychological health, while the “criminals” themselves prepare for Christmas in the comfort and knowledge that the hard working individuals will bail them out.

While the world events and corporate greed may be impacting us all, it even more important that anyone exposed to these stresses take precautions and start to take responsibility for their own and family’s health.


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

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