Happiness or Inner peace

Most of us are searching for a lasting sense of happiness, however, as almost everyone experiences, happiness or a sense of happiness is dependent on circumstances and when circumstances change, our sense of happiness changes with it.

When circumstances meet our expectations and aspirations, then we feel happy, when they don’t, we feel unhappy. Although we may experience many moments of happiness, we are unable to string them together into a continuous state of happiness. The reason is simply that life like everything else is transitory and in a state of constant change, it never conforms to what our ego believes will make us happy.

Unlike happiness contentment is not dependent on circumstances; it’s an inner perspective from which we are aware of the problems of our lives without being emotionally controlled by them.

Despite life being in a state of constant change, our general state of mind is such that we fail to recognise it as such. There are two main reasons which prevent us from seeing life as it is. The first reason is that we are always seeking “instant gratification” to please our senses. This powerful and immediate experience always motivates us towards yet another experience.

The second obstacle is our reluctance to acknowledge life as being troublesome and in a state of constant and continuous change. Our inner emotional resistance stems from the fear that if we recognise life’s changing reality, we may be in a state of perpetual depression or unhappiness.

We can all cultivate the ability to be content in the face of adversity, this requires the intentional cultivation of this life changing mental quality. Most people are unaware of what these qualities are, let alone how to cultivate them.

Meditation, particularly Mindfulness meditation naturally leads us towards the cultivation of contentment.


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

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