Heathrow stress levels to be measured

The stress levels of residents near Heathrow Airport in London are to be measured by a new monitoring device.

Experts at University College London (UCL) are asking for volunteers near the hub to take part in a study that will record the physical impact of noise caused by passing aeroplanes on their health, according to BBC News

There have been suspicions that the effects of descending planes are not limited to psychological problems, but could also lead to higher rates of stroke, heart disease and even obesity – but this has yet to be confirmed by an approved paper.

UCL has already conducted a study in the area that saw residents provided with a smartphone application that allowed locals near Heathrow to record the sounds of passing aeroplanes, as well as their emotional reaction.

Data from both of these pieces of research will be compiled to create a map that will show where people are most affected by aerial traffic.

Carwyn Cox, cabinet member for environmental services in Windsor and Maidenhead, which is close to Heathrow Airport, said: “Hopefully there will be some volunteers who will come forward to take part in, what we think, will be a very useful idea to try and get a bit more information of the impact of aircraft.”

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