How Negative thoughts lead to bad health

Modern science has demonstrated the impact of thoughts on our physical bodies and health . Just consider how a 5-minute anger outburst negatively impacts the body’s immune system for a period of around 6 hours!

Studies undertaken by Dr Masuru Emoto on the effect of intention and thoughts on water have shown that positive thoughts and intentions such as love, gratitude, compassion directly impacts the water crystals when water is exposed them, however, when the same water is subjected to insults, negative thoughts, intention and words, the water crystals appear to change, becoming distorted and losing their symmetry. Dr Emoto’s research has shown the ability of water to copy and memorise information.

Why is water so important to us? When the human body is a foetus, its almost 95% water, during adulthood, our bodies are composed of around 70% water and when we die, our bodies are around 50% water. In short, Human beings are mainly water throughout their lives. Water is our life force, it carries blood and other fluids, and it enables nourishment to be circulated throughout the body.

This research has clearly shown how words can physically change the world, since they change the basic building block of life. We all know how positive words of encouragement can change our motivation, just as other positive words can impact on our thoughts and consequently on our actions.

If a single word such as “fool” has the power to distort the water crystal and the word love or gratitude have the power to enable water crystals to bloom, almost to the point of celebration, imagine what our negative thoughts are doing to us!

Meditation provides a simple, yet effective way to ensure that we become aware of our thoughts, and through regular practice cultivate compassion, contentment, love and gratitude.


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Relevant links: Dr Masuru Emoto’s site

Reference: Double-Blind Test Of The Effects Of Distant Intention On Water Crystal Formation.

Link from What the bleep do we know?

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