Hung parliament offers proof of stressed UK population

The election results demonstrate the UK population (voting) is as confused about who they’d like to run the country as were the candidates about the “cuts” that are needed in the UK budget. Stress leads to confusion, lack of clarity and indecisions. All three symptoms are clearly present in the polls and the end result of the election.

However, the results of actions under stress and distress are now starting to spread into other areas, starting with unprecedented falls in the stock markets across the globe, with emergency meetings being called by the European leadership to “discuss” possible contagion affect from Greece and now the dithering UK non-government.

Once again the reactions across the globe illustrate how stress starts as something “controllable” at best and ignored or denied at worst, until it manifests itself as a coronary heart attack or stroke or a cancer. The same is evident in the currency and share markets as the denial is now quickly turning into panic, similar to the panic attacks familiar to those suffering from chronic stress.

Meditation offers individual personal freedom to realise that they are not their thoughts, even though they may have thoughts, similarly with emotions and our body. Meditation helps us cultivate clarity of mind, emotions and intention exactly what the voters needed and the hung parliament needs to govern the UK.


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

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