If you feel stressed now you aint seen nothing yet

Since January 2010 we have experienced several very major earthquakes including those in Haiti, Chile, Indonesia and now China . In addition, volcanic activity increase has started to disrupt air travel and we are yet to face the consequences of the “freaky” weather being experienced around the world.

While the politicians and other liars like their propaganda machines the MSM are busy distracting the masses, the world is undergoing major and life changing , changes that will soon be difficult to deny and in some cases too late to do anything meaningful about.

The climate crisis will continue to increase over the rest of 2010, with major storms dumping many years rainfall in a few hours.

The political situation will deteriorate especially as the truth behind the recent polish tragedy starts to unravel.

The freak weather will continue and its impact on both economic growth (more like demise) and food shortages should become apparent by summer 2010.

Earthquakes, volcanoes and mudslides are likely to increase to unprecedented levels and start impacting most of the global population in one way or another. This is also likely to impact yet further on food production and distribution.

The struggling shipping industry will have much more to contend with “methane gas” releases, changing oceanic currents, rising water levels at ports and rising oceanic floor due to changes in the Southern hemisphere particularly the South pole and surrounding area is likely to impact shipping, change global weather patterns and impact fisheries .

The economy has not recovered, the “too big to fail” argument has left governments bankrupt, we are moving into full blown depression .

Sovereign bankruptcy in countries like Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland and UK become glaringly visible, the problems are likely to be compounded by corporate mergers signalling bankruptcies and huge unemployment waves across the globe.

Since the majority of people have been totally brain washed and controlled by those they trust, particularly the politicians and the religious leaders, many are set for shocked awakening especially when they discover that they have been lied too, used and abused by their “authority figures”. This has already started to happen with the child abuse scandals and cover up by the Pope, however, the many people are at risk from post traumatic stress disorder over the next 12 months.

Stress management having recognised the impact of the coming changes more than 3 years ago have created free resources to enable people to awaken to the challenges upon them, to the lies and distraction my the politicians as well as maintain their mental and emotional health .


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

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